Practice Areas

Boating Accidents

Boating accidents, or maritime injury claims, are not uncommon in Florida, but they can be complex. Commercial cruise lines have insurance companies and adjusters trained to defend them. If you have been injured on the water, be it while working, on a cruise ship, or while using personal watercraft, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call our office today and have our experience work for you.

Medical Malpractice

In Florida, a medical malpractice action must be brought within two years from the date of the incident in question, or from the date when the incident was or should have been discovered. Medical malpractice claims can be very, very complicated, and any delay in seeking professional legal advice could prevent you from obtaining the remedies you are entitled to. If you believe you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury due to medical malpractice, call our office today for a free case evaluation.

Dog Bites

Most people love dogs. Unfortunately, dog bites can cause serious injuries and a terrifying encounter with an attacking dog can also cause permanent psychological trauma. Under Florida law, a dog owner may be held strictly liable for injuries caused by their dog; however, dog bite cases can be complex. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a dog bite, you should talk to an attorney that has experience handling such cases. The Law Offices of Louis M Blanco PA has that experience. Call today for a free consultation.

Premises Liability

Accidents don’t just happen. Unfortunately, slip and fall injuries are occurrences that all too often could have been prevented if property owners were more diligent in maintaining their property in a reasonably safe condition. Negligent conditions could cause someone to trip, slip or take a misstep. If you have been injured on someone else’s property as a result of a fall, call our office today in order that you may know what rights you have.

Bicycle Injuries

If you, or someone you know, has been injured while riding a bicycle, call our office today. As an avid cyclist and triathlete, attorney Louis Blanco is not only well versed in the laws protecting cyclists, he knows firsthand of the hazards and dangers cyclists riding in South Florida face each and every day. Are you familiar with the rules of the road, the rights cyclists enjoy, and how your automobile insurance policy my cover you in the event of an accident? If not, call the Law Offices of Louis M. Blanco P.A. today for a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Like riding a bicycle, it appears that people riding motorcycles are invisible to motorists on South Florida’s roads. Sadly, when people riding bicycles or motorcycles are involved in collisions with other motor vehicles, the resulting injuries can be devastating. Most accidents could be prevented if the negligent driver had exercised reasonable care. If you, or someone you love, have been injured due to a careless and negligent motorist, call our office to determine what your rights are. You deserve justice and we are here to help.

Truck Accidents

You may have heard in the past, that might makes right. Unfortunately, many drivers of large commercial or private trucks and vehicles think they own the road. When excessive arrogance meets aggressive or careless driving, the resulting combination can be devastating. Do not face the insurance companies alone. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, contact our office today. As always, the consultation and case is absolutely free. And if you retain our firm to represent you, there is no fee unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

Auto Accidents

Have you or someone you know been involved in an accident that was caused by another motorist? For nearly 20 years, the Law Offices of Louis M. Blanco P.A. have been providing legal counsel to auto accident injury victims throughout the state of Florida. We take pride in working to resolve claims quickly and amicably. We work tirelessly to insure our clients receive the maximum amount for the damages they sustained due to the negligence of another.